Cultural paper

Refers to the writing and printing paper used to spread cultural knowledge. It include offset paper, art paper and white kraft paper . Offset paper:It is a relatively high-grade printing paper, generally used for offset printing machines for bookplates or color plates. Books and textbooks will be the first choice, followed by magazines, catalogs, maps, product manuals, advertising posters, office paper,etc. Art paper:Known as printing coated paper. The paper is coated with a white coating on the surface of the original paper and processed by super calendering. With smooth surface, high glossy and whiteness, good ink absorption and high printing reduction . It is mainly used for offset printing, gravure printing fine screen printing products, such as teaching materials,books,pictorial magazine, sticker,etc. White kraft paper:It is one of kraft paper with white color on both side and good folding resistance,high strength and durability. Suitable for making hang bag,gift bag,etc.